About Sensei

Under the direction of the now Grandmaster Cal Carozzi, Sensei Kevin trained for many years and donated thousands of hours teaching as he learned the Honorable Art of Shaolin Ch’uan Fa (Kempo), and soon became one of the top Instructors at his Master’s Dojo in Peabody, MA.

Sensei Kevin earned the rank of third degree Black Belt in May of 1999 in the art of San Chai Na Kempo & a Certified Instructor Level Three certificate through S.C.N.K. Federation, on January 1, 2000.

Sensei Kevin took over United Shaolin Kempo of Burlington in May 2000. The dojo was established in 1971.

Mr. Pence’s dojo was inducted into the World Martial Arts Federation in 2001 as a member school. Sensei was certified by the W.M.A.F. as a member of their elite chief center judges team to oversee the judging at all the W.M.A.F. tournaments.

In 2003 Sensei passed the test to become a 4th degree Black Belt (Yondan) in Kempo Karate, tested by the World Martial Arts Federation Testing Board — Shihan Alty and Shihan Rebelo — after over 9,000 hours of teaching and training.

Sensei was honored by the Martial Arts University with the Bushido Award in 2005, inducting him into the International Federation of Ju Jitsuans (IFOJJ) Legion of Honor. Sensei was also honored this same year with the Spirit of the Arts Award by Action Martial Arts Magazine.

Sensei was also inducted into the Karazenpo Go Shinjutsu Black Belt Society of Great Grandmaster Victor “Sonny” Gascon as a member of the board of directors in Massachusetts.

He is recognized Internationally by the World Martial Arts Federation (WMAF) and the Martial Arts Research Institute (MARI) as a 6th Dan in Kempo Karate as well as being recognized by the Depasquale Jiu Jitsu Association and the Superfoot Systems as a fellow respected martial artist.

He has taught many clinics which included Shaolin Five Animal fighting techniques, Kubaton classes and various specialized Kempo self-defense classes. Sensei has taught free clinics to children in the Metro-Boston area schools, as well as teaching handicapped adults & children in a weekly class put on by the Burlington Recreation Department.

Sensei has been inducted into the Universal, World, and U.S.A. Martial Arts Hall of Fame as the Instructor, Male Martial Artist, and Man of the Year in Kempo Karate .

Sensei is currently studying South East Asian Arts (Dekiti-Tirsia-Siradas (Kali) and Silat with Guro Michael Williams at MARI in Salem, Massachusetts.

Sensei has always believed that “There is more than one way to get it done”, so he expands his studies by hosting and attending many seminars with many of the top notch masters of today:

Grandmaster Gary Alexander
Shihan Jim Alty
Master Jesus Bonilla
Cane Master Wayne Carman
Grandmaster Cal Carozzi Sr.
Master Bill Chun, Jr.
Ni-Dai Soke Michael Depasquale Jr.
Guru Willem “Uncle Bill” de Thouars
Shihan Fumio Demura
Master Joe Diaco
Professor George Dillman
Grandmaster Joseph Hess
Master Jorge Espinoza
Professor Kimo Ferreira
Shihan Rick Fike
Master David James
Soke Di Leon Jay
Grandmaster Bruce Juchnik
Master Jeff Jones
Soke Di Ed McLaughlin
Sifu Alix Lavaud
Guru Dr. Edward Lebe
Grandmaster Joe Lewis
Master Walt Lysak Jr.
Soke Joe Miller
Grandmaster Thomas Barro Mitose
Shihan Joe Nesta
Master Evan Pantazi
Master Ed Parker Jr.
Grandmaster George Pesare
Professor Remy Presas
Hanshi Craig Seavey
Master Frank Shamrock
Guro Tom Sotis
Shihan Don Spink
Master Joey Riccobono II
Master Joe Rebelo
Master Roger Roy
Master Richard Ryan
Grand Tuhon Jerson “Nene” Tortal
Bill “Superfoot” Wallace
Guro Michael Williams
Paul Yamaguchi Sensei
Hanshi Tadashi Yamashita


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